High Speed Galvo Laser Engraving Machine for Leather Shoe

Model No.: ZJ(3D)-6060TB


CO2 RF metal laser 100W 150W 275W 500W
3D dynamic galvanometer control system
Automatic up and down Z axis
Automatic shuttle zinc-iron alloy honeycomb working table
Use-friendly 5 inches LCD screen CNC system
Rear exhaust suction system
high speed engraving cutting and punching leather, shoe, fabric, denim, jeans label, etc.



Tech Specs


Material & Application



High Speed Galvanometer Laser Engraving Machine for Leather Shoes ZJ(3D)-6060TB

1) 150W (Standard) CO2 RF metal laser (100W / 150W / 275W / 500W Optional). Laser output power and processing speed can be adjusted to maximize energy savings

2) 3D dynamic galvanometer control system and automatic up and down Z axis ensure the best processing results.

3) Automatic shuttle zinc-iron alloy honeycomb working table. Convenient for feeding and rewinding. Continuous processing with high working efficiency. It can do multi-position processing. If on-the-fly engraving, the working area reaches 600mm×600mm.

4) Suitable for high speed engraving and punching large format leather, shoe material, fabrics, denim, etc; also engraving and cutting small items like leather jeans labels.

5) Use-friendly 5 inches LCD screen CNC system, off-line digital motion control system, high degree of automation.

6) Rear exhaust suction system. Short distance of exhaust suction with good effect.

7) Foot switch for easy operation.

8) If adopts 500W CO2 RF metal laser tube, cutting speed is 3 times of machine with 150W laser tube. It is especially suitable for cutting light color leather and genuine leather with better effect and higher efficiency.

CO2 Galvo Laser Engraving Machine ZJ(3D)-6060TB



Movable Zn-Fe honeycomb table

Movable shuttle Zn-Fe honeycomb table

Red light positioning

Red light positioning

CO2 RF metal laser tube different powers for option

CO2 RF metal laser tube (Different powers for option)

ZJ(3D)-6060TB High Speed Galvo Laser Machine Technical Parameter

Laser type CO2 RF metal laser tube
Laser power 150W / 275W / 500W
Working area 600mmX600mm
Working table Shuttle Zn-Fe alloy honeycomb working table
Working speed Adjustable
Positioning Accuracy ±0.1mm
Motion system Offline 3-D dynamic galvanometer motion control system, 5 inch LCD screen
Cooling system Constant temperature water chiller
Power supply AC220V±5%    50/60HZ
Format supported AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST etc.
Standard collocation 2 sets of 1100W exhaust fans, foot switch
Optional collocation Red light positioning system
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• ZJ(3D)-9045TB High Speed Galvanometer Laser Engraving Machine for Leather Shoes

• ZJ(3D)-160100LD Multifunction Laser Engraving Punching Hollowing and Cutting Machine

Laser Engraving Cutting Application

Laser applicable industries: shoes, home textile upholstery, furniture industry, fabric furnishings, garment accessories, apparel & clothing, automotive interiors, car mats, carpet mat rugs, luxurious bags, etc.

Laser applicable materials: Laser engraving cutting punching hollowing PU, PVC, artificial leather, synthetic leather, fur, genuine leather, imitation leather, natural leather, textile, fabric, suede, denim and other flexible materials.

shoes leather engraving cutting hollowing

<< More Samples of Leather Laser Engraving Cutting Hollowing

Golden Laser is one of the leading manufacturers for high-end CO2 laser machines for cutting, engraving and marking. Typical materials are textiles, fabrics, leather and acrylic, wood. Our laser cutters are designed for both small business enterprises and industrial solutions. We would be pleased to advise you!


Laser Cutting Systems use high powered lasers to vaporize material in the laser beam path; eliminating hand labor and other complicated extraction methods needed for small part scrap removal.

There are two basic designs for laser cutting systems: and Galvanometer (Galvo) Systems and Gantry Systems:

•Galvanometer Laser Systems use mirror angles to reposition the laser beam in different directions; making the process relatively quick.

•Gantry Laser Systems are similar to XY Plotters.  They physically direct the laser beam perpendicular to the material that is being cut; making the process inherently slow.

ZJ(3D)-160100LD Fabric and Leather Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine: http://youtu.be/D0zXYUHrWSk

Leather Laser Machine on YouTube:

ZJ(3D)-9045TB 500W Galvo Laser Engraving Machine for Leather: http://youtu.be/HsW4dzoHD8o

CJG-160250LD CCD Genuine Leather Laser Cutting FlatBed: http://youtu.be/SJCW5ojFKK0

Double Head Co2 Laser Cutting Machine for Leather: http://youtu.be/T92J1ovtnok

Fabric Laser Machine on YouTube:

ZJJF(3D)-160LD Roll to Roll Fabric Laser Engraving Machine: http://youtu.be/nmH2xqlKA9M

ZJ(3D)-9090LD Jeans Laser Engraving Machine: http://youtu.be/QfbM85Q05OA

CJG-250300LD Textile Fabric Laser Cutting Machine: http://youtu.be/rN-a54VPIpQ

Mars Series Gantry Laser Cutting Machine, Demo Video: http://youtu.be/b_js8KrwGMM

Why Laser Cutting and Engraving of Leather and Textile

Contactless cutting with laser technology

Precise and very filigreed cuts

No leather deformation by stress-free material supply

Clear cutting edges without fraying

Melding of cutting edges regarding synthetic leather, thus no works before and after material processing

No tool wear by contactless laser processing

Constant cutting quality

By using mechanic tools (knife-cutter), the cutting of resistant, tough leather causes heavy wear. As a result, the cutting quality decreases from time to time. As the laser beam cuts without having contact with the material, it will still remain unchangedly ‘keen’.  Laser engravings produce some kind of embossing and enable fascinating haptic effects.

Material information

Natural leather and synthetic leather will be used in various sectors. Apart from shoes and clothing, there are especially accessories that will be made of leather. That is why this material plays a specific role for designers. Besides, leather will often be used in the furniture industry and for interiors fittings of vehicles.

<< Read More about laser engraving cutting hollowing leather & shoes

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