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Goldenlaser FLEXO LAB, multi-function, black technology.

With the rapid upgrading of products in the downstream manufacturing industry and the innovation of the market, in order to meet the individual needs of users, Goldenlaser launched the FLEXO LAB.


FLEXO LAB is a laser machining center for non-metal. It integrates laser marking, engraving and cutting, allowing you to switch between multiple functions. Also has camera positioning function, one-button correction and auto focus. It is a good helper for R&D centers and personalized production!

Black Technology of FLEXO LAB

Automatic conversion of Galvo marking and laser cutting

GOLDENCAM high-precision camera recognition

One-button automatic correction of camera and galvanometer

Seamless flying marking of the whole area

High speed gear and rack drive system

Autofocus for instant processing

Multi-industry applications

fabric laser punchingFabric Laser Cutting and Punching

laser cutting dye-sublimation lettersPrinted Letters Laser Cutting 

reflective stickers laser cuttingReflective Stickers Laser Cutting

card paper laser cuttingCard Paper Laser Cutting

wood laser engravingWood Laser Engraving

leather laser cutting engravingLeather Laser Cutting and Engraving

fabric laser markingFabric Laser Marking

lettering films laser cuttingLettering Films Laser Cutting

laser cut paper designsInvitation Cards / Greeting Cards Laser Cutting

acrylic laser cutting engravingAcrylic Laser Cutting Engraving

This FLEXO LAB is a breakthrough in the field of laser machine.

It can be applied in the processing of various non-metallic materials such as reflective stickers, lettering films, greeting cards, printed cardboard, printed logos, leather shoe bags, garment punching, wood, acrylic, and so on.

In this era of "product is king", high-efficient production and processing equipment can bring unparalleled flexibility and efficiency to modern processing manufacturing industry, which is conducive to enterprises to seize the market opportunities faster.

Goldenlaser "FLEXO LAB" uses the world's advanced optical components and high-quality optical mode and uses the gear and rack drive system for high-speed and high-precision cutting and engraving. The galvanometer marking and the X-Y axis cutting share a set of optical path and can be switched at any time. And equipped with GoldenCAM high-precision camera recognition system to expand the processing range. One "FLEXO LAB" laser machine can meet your various needs!