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How is the laser application more intelligent? Go to CISMA2017 to see GOLDEN LASER!

“Smart sewing technology and solutions”

Is the theme of CISMA 2017.

GOLDEN LASER Smart digital laser application solutions

to shine at the scene of the exhibition.

On 26th September, the first day of CISMA 2017, a large number of business visitors streamed in GOLDEN LASER booth.

CISMA 2017 Golden Laser

How to make laser application more intelligent?

Laser processing application is widely, with advantages of high precision machining, low energy consumption, saving materials and good effect. With the market changing, the concept of intelligent manufacturing and flexible production deepening, the traditional production workshop will gradually convert to the intelligent workshop.

smart factory intelligent workshop

GOLDEN LASER around the forefront of the laser application requirements, with more than 10 years of industry precipitation and advanced technology accumulation, with strong technical strength and capital strength, in this CISMA sewing machinery and equipment exhibition grand display “clothing & garment accessories laser processing solutions”, “industrial flexible materials laser processing solutions”, “digital printing materials laser processing solutions”, ” denim and home textile laser processing solutions”, “leather and shoe laser processing solutions“, to promote intelligent workshop, boost the traditional manufacturing to industrial 4.0 manufacturing transformation.

GOLDEN LASER intelligent workshop laser processing management system

GOLDEN LASER intelligent workshop laser processing management system, according to the customer’s demand for intelligent manufacturing, equipped with order management, process monitoring, capacity budget, automatic detection and other intelligent modules, the formation of high intelligence and efficient intelligent laser processing system. Data connected via the Internet and Internet of things technology, from receiving orders to the field of production real-time data tracking, collection, integration and analysis, real-time adjustment to optimize production plan.

Intelligent workshop laser processing management system diagram

Intelligent high-end laser equipment

In the flexible material laser processing equipment development, through in-depth sub-industry users of intelligent equipment automation needs, developed a fully automatic intelligent lace laser cutting system launched.

CISMA 2017 13▲ Automatic intelligent lace laser cutting system

In the apparel industry, GOLDEN LASER launched a high-speed laser cutting machine for high-end customers to improve cutting efficiency, also for customers to save every inch of expensive materials.

CISMA 2017 19▲ High speed CO2 flatbed laser cutting machine

In the field of digital printing, printed sportswear automatic dynamic scanning laser cutting system, high precision MARKER point visual laser cutting system, high efficiency asynchronous double head large format visual cutting laser equipment to meet the different applications of customers.

CISMA 2017 5▲ Automatic dynamic scanning laser cutting system

CISMA 2017 4▲ High precision MARKER point visual laser cutting system


GOLDEN LASER – intelligent laser solutions!~

Are you dazzled?

For more aspect, we are in CISMA - China International Sewing Machinery & Accessories Show, waiting for you!


Exhibition Name: CISMA (China International Sewing Machinery & Accessories Show)

Booth number: E2 Hall-D42

Exhibition date: September 26-29, 2017

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center