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Laser Bridge, Exported to Sri Lanka, Two Years, Zero Failure

This time we went to Sri Lanka for a customer return visit.

The customer told us that

the laser bridge embroidery system from Goldenlaser has been used for 2 years and zero failure till now.

The equipment has been running in a very good condition.

laser bridge in Sri Lanka

laser bridge in Sri Lanka

So far, few companies in the world have been able to produce bridge laser embroidery machines. At that time, the Sri Lankan customer was uncertain to choose between Goldenlaser and an Italian company. This Italian company is also a veteran laser company, but it can only provide the installation of the whole machine, and the local after-sales service is expensive.

The bridge laser is unique in China. At that time, Goldenlaser’s bridge laser technology was very mature, and obtained 17 patents, 2 software copyrights and supported by the National Torch Program.

The most optimistic about the customer is the customized capability of Goldenlaser. At that time, due to the site restrictions of the customer’s factory, only 20 meters of bridge could be installed, with two computerized embroidery machines. And we can expand the entire laser system when the customer has the need for plant expansion. The customer was very satisfied with the solution and finally signed the contract with us.

laser bridge in Sri Lanka


In addition to the adaptability of customized service capabilities, Goldenlaser also provided great support in the technological process so as to help customers to undertake high-end and complex production orders from developed countries such as the United States and Japan more quickly.

Regarding the technic process, let’s take a look at the following example. Do you know how to make it with a bridge laser embroidery machine?

laser bridge in Sri Lanka

This is a seemingly simple graphic, but it is superimposed with 4 layers of fabric (grey striped base fabric, pink fabric, yellow fabric, red fabric), and the laser embroidery machine layer-cuts different fabrics according to the requirements of the pattern. (Layered cutting is to control the power of the laser, cutting the upper layer of fabric layer by layer without damaging the base fabric.) Finally, the edge of the red, pink and yellow fabric is embroidered, and finally the other embroidery process is carried out on the striped fabric. Then, the edges of the red, pink, and yellow fabrics are embroidered, and finally other embroidery processes are performed on the striped fabric.

Now let us introduce Goldenlaser bridge laser embroidery machine.


It is an expandable bridge laser system.

Can be equipped with any model, any number of head, and any length of computer embroidery machine.

Additional installations up to 40 meters in length.

laser bridge in Sri Lanka 10

laser bridge in Sri Lanka 5

Laser and computer embroidery collision,

Changed the traditional computer embroidery industry.

Embroidery that can only be “threaded” has become history.

Goldenlaser pioneered the “laser embroidery” process combining embroidery and laser kiss cutting, engraving, hollowing.

delicate details of bridge laser embroidery laser bridge in Sri Lanka 6 laser bridge in Sri Lanka 7

The combination of laser and embroidery makes the embroidery process more diverse and delicate, and the application industry is very extensive.

We deeply feel that we must combine ancient, historical and cultural elements with today’s innovation, quality and craftsmanship to win a better customer reputation and make Goldenlaser truly international.