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Laser-cut fashion sandals keep you cool all summer

No summer is complete without sandals. Laser cut leather uppers, fresh, elegant, sexy and nifty feeling present in front. Laser-cut fashion sandals keep you cool all summer.

Laser-cut fashion sandals 1

Stepping a clear and beautiful wind, dotted with the cool summer. Compared to the sports shoes and canvas shoes, laser-cut sandals are more suitable for the hot summer. Cool and breathable laser-cut sandals , long time wearing will not feel stuffy feet.

Laser-cut fashion sandals

Choose a stylish and avant-garde laser-cut sandals to make your feet look slimmer and sexy. The exposed slender ankles visually stretched the legs. Whether it's a light and elegant dress, or a summer-style cool shorts, you can enjoy a summer.

Laser-cut fashion sandals

Sandals need not only cool and exquisite, but also need to be comfortable and wearable. The advantages of laser hollowing and burr-free processing make sandals more skin-friendly. Delicate and fresh texture, and smooth texture, just for the best and comfortable sandals.

Laser Machines Recommendation

Independent Dual Head Leather Laser Cutting Machine

Model No.: XBJGHY-160100LD II

Two laser heads that work independently of each other can cut different graphics simultaneously. A variety of processing (cutting, punching, scribing, etc.) can be finished at one time. Precision up to 0.1mm. High efficiency.

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CO2 Galvo Laser Engraving Machine for Leather

Model No.: ZJ(3D)-9045TB

CO2 RF metal laser 150W 300W 600W. 3D dynamic galvanometer control system. Automatic up and down Z axis. Automatic shuttle zinc-iron alloy honeycomb working table.

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Galvo Laser Engraving Cutting Machine for Leather

Model No.: ZJ(3D)-170200LD

Laser engraving, perforating and cutting can be done in one step. Dual driving system with gear rack structure. Optimized galvanometer system. Top speed and large format.

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