Laser Cutting in Digital Printing Technology

June 13, 2013, for a period of four days of the sixteenth Shanghai International Exhibition on Textile Industry successful ending. Although this year’s exhibition coincides with the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, but this did not affect the enthusiasm of the majority of exhibitors and visitors. A total of nearly 50,000 professional visitors from 74 countries and regions visited the exhibition.

The biggest highlight of the exhibition is to set up a “digital printing” theme, and the addition of the “Digital Printing Machinery Zone”, a view with a new concept and highlights for buyers to bring new materials and new technologies endless inspiration.

Compared with traditional rotary and flat screen printing machine, digital printing has advantages of less emissions, low energy consumption, pollution-free, personalized strong, short printing cycle and good print quality. The process has been the emergence of more and more in sportswear, dresses, pants, T-shirts and other apparel category, and has become a popular trend. The exhibition, nearly 30 domestic and foreign manufacturers of digital printing exhibitors get together, is evident.

How to make a printing clothing exquisite?

In addition to the creative print design, the most important thing is the positioning of printing. Accurate positioning of cutting, to complete the performance of a garment grace and soul. And this, the industry has been troubled by a problem.

In response to this industry demand, two years ago, Golden Laser began research and development of printed clothing laser cutting machine, and in the show introduced the second generation of mature products. The cutting system through intelligent scanning system, printed fabrics information into software, and according to the needs of costume design, printed fabrics for automatic positioning cutting or contour cutting printed graphics. High cutting precision. Effective implementation of the upstream and downstream industries docking, for such clothing tailoring, provides an efficient solution. In addition, this laser machine can precise cutting plaid & stripe matching of clothing and all kinds of made-to-measure garments. The device once appeared on the show, has attracted a great deal of enthusiasm for a professional audience. Expressed interest in the introduction of a number of domestic and foreign manufacturers to solve production problems, improve work efficiency.

The exhibition, Golden Laser has also introduced energy saving washing denim laser system, using laser technology to replace the traditional washing. In addition, also on display label laser cutting machine (at any angle can be cut), automatic “on the fly” fabrics laser engraving machine and innovative products recently “Laser embroidery.” Intensive introduction of these products, not only once again demonstrated the GoldenLaser textile and garment industry in innovation and continued strong leadership, but also demonstrated the GoldenLaser spare no effort to promote the textile and garment laser applications responsibility.

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