Laser Cutting of Digital Printing Fabrics – Precise Positioning & Innovative Non-stop – An Interview with Golden Laser

With the rapid development of technology, digital printing industry has been more broad space for development and be able to offer better service. Farsighted companies have joined the ranks of intelligent manufacturing, continue to strengthen the research and development level. Golden Laser has been walking in the forefront of the industry, meeting the market trends, leading the industry development with technology innovation, and occupy an important position in the industrial pattern. Thanks to the Shanghai International Exhibition of digital printing industry, we are honored to invite Mr. Qiu Peng, general manager of Golden Laser. Here is the interview.

Precise Positioning & Innovative Non-stop - An Interview with Golden Laser

Articles Reporter: Hello! We are pleased to invite you to the interview at the show, before the interview, please briefly introduce your company.

Mr. Qiu Peng: Wuhan Golden Laser Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. Over these years we have devoted all efforts and put all energy in the laser industry. In 2010, Golden Laser became a listed company. The main direction of development is laser cutting, engraving and punching for digital printing, custom clothing, shoe leather, industrial fabrics, denim jeans, carpet, car seat cover and other flexible Industry. At the same time, Four Divisions were specially set up in order to more focus on large, medium and small-format laser cutting, perforation and engraving machines of development and production. Due to sincere service and superb technology, our laser machines in the market has achieved very good results and reputation.

Articles Reporter: 2016 Shanghai international digital printing exhibition gathered a large number of industry enterprises, professional audience and professional media and it is the best trading platform for industry exhibition and promotion. Which products did you bring for this exhibition? Innovation has always been the main direction of your company. Especially your company’s four core products, each one is to subvert the traditional, perfect fit customer needs. How does your company do this? What are your next innovations?

Mr. Qiu Peng: This time we displayed is Vision Laser Cutting Machine for Printed Textiles and Fabrics. One is a large format laser cutter, mainly for cycling apparel, sportswear, team jerseys, banners and flags. Another is a small format laser cutter, mainly for shoes, bags and labels. Both laser systems overall cutting speed, high efficiency. Subdividing products is the way to make products of the best performance.

Now is the age of digital, networked and intelligent. Realization of intelligent devices is the development trend of digital printing industry. Especially in the case of rising labor costs, labor cost savings are very much needed. Golden Laser cutting machine is mainly to provide labor-saving complete solutions for the industry.

As the main push of the Vision laser cutting machine, for example, without requiring manual intervention, the software intelligent recognition closed outer contour of graphics, automatically generates the cutting path and complete cutting. To a large extent, not only reduces labor costs , also reducing the waste of ink, fabric and other aspects of the material.

For the traditional printing industry, as long as the combined with the digital printing and laser cutting technology, you can say goodbye to the way of mass production to rapid transition successfully and can improve enterprise’s core competitiveness.

Post time: Jul-27-2016

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