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A newly launched CO2 laser machine, powerful function, shocking low price!

galvo and gantry laser system with camera

Today, I would like to introduce to you a versatile CO2 laser machine newly designed and developed by Golden Laser. This machine is not only with impressive powerful features, but also has unexpected shock price.

This laser system combines galvanometer and X-Y gantry, sharing one laser tube; the galvanometer offers high speed marking, scoring, perforating and cutting of thin materials, while X-Y Gantry allows processing of thicker stock.

Equipped with a camera for Galvo head calibration and mark points recognition.

80 Watts CO2 glass laser tube (Or CO2 RF metal laser tube)

Working area 1600mmx800mm

Conveyor table with auto feeder (Or honeycomb table)

galvo and gantry CO2 laser machine with camera

Process: cutting, marking, perforation, scoring, kiss cutting

Process materials: textiles, leather, wood, acrylic, PMMA, plastic, paper and other non-metal materials


Fashion - sportswear, denim, footwear, bags, etc.

Interior decoration - carpets, curtains, sofas, armchairs, textile wallpaper, etc.

Technical textiles - automotive, airbags, filters, air dispersion ducts, etc.

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