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SuperLAB for Digital Logo, Number, Letter, Label Cutting

In textiles, numbers, letters, patches and labels are highly susceptible to deformation during the process of dye-sublimation printing. Goldenlaser “SuperLAB” is equipped with self-developed CAM high-precision camera recognition system specifically for such problems. Accurate laser cutting of various high-demand dye-sublimation printed products is achieved by high-precision MARK point positioning and intelligent deformation compensation algorithms provided by the software.

The processing of the digital letters, numbers and labels is an art reengineering. From the product point of view, in addition to its publicizing effect, it should also be a work of art that can make it visually beautiful. With the application of new technologies and processes, future labels will undoubtedly develop towards “boutique”. Selecting the right laser cutting machine is the first step to obtain satisfactory labels.

CAM high-precision camera recognition system

Keywords: digital logo, reflective labels, letters, numbers, multifunction, automation, high precision

The biggest highlight of SuperLAB is the fully automated of the machining process and modular multi-function design. Under the general trend of increasing labor costs and site costs in manufacturing, it is particularly important to save time, space, and labor costs for labels processors.

As a provider of professional digital laser application solutions, Goldenlaser is constantly innovating in the whole set of convenient laser systems for digital printing industry, and has been committed to helping customers create greater value.