When laser meets 3D?

When laser meets 3D, What kind of high tech products will emerge ? Let’s see.

3D laser cutting and welding

As the high-end technology of laser application technology, 3D laser cutting and welding technology has been widely used in the automobile industry; such as auto parts, auto-body, auto door frame, auto boot, auto roof panel and so on. At present, 3D laser cutting and welding technology rests in the hands of the few companies in the world.

3D laser imaging

There are foreign institutions that have realized 3D imaging with laser technology; which can show stereo images in the air without any screen. The idea here is that scan objects via laser beam, and the reflected light beam is reflected back to form image through light with different distributing order.

laser direct structuring

laser direct structuring is called LDS technology for short. It projects laser to molding three-dimensional plastic devices to active circuit pattern within seconds. In the case of cell phone antennas, it forms metal pattern in the molding plastic brackets through laser technology.

Nowadays, LDS-3D marking technology is widely used in the production of 3C products such as smart phones. Through LDD-3D marking, it can mark the antenna tracks of the mobile phone cases; it can also create 3D effect so as to save space of your phone to the greatest extend. In this way, mobile phones can be made thinner, more delicate with stronger stability and shock resistance.

3D laser light

laser light is known as the brightest light. It has long illumination range. Lasers of different wavelengths can show different colors. Such as laser with wavelength of 1064nm shows red color, 355nm shows purple, 532nm shows green color and so on. This characteristic can create cool stage laser lighting effect and adds a visual value for laser.

laser 3D printing

laser 3D printers are developed based on planar laser printing technology and LED printing technology. It creates 3D object through in a very different way. It integrates planar printing technology with industrial casting technology. Compared with the present 3D printing technology, it can greatly increase the printing speed (10~50cm/h) and accuracy (1200~4800dpi). And it can also print many products that cannot be done with 3D printers. It’s a brand new product manufacturing mode.

By inputting 3D data of designed products, laser 3D printer can print any complicated spare parts through layer sintering technology. Compared with traditional crafts such as mold manufacturing, the weight of similar products produced by laser 3D printer can be decreased by 65% with material saving by 90%.

Post time: Oct-10-2015

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