Laser Applications

  • Quebec Canada-Golden Laser Customer-s

    In early of May, we came to a digital printing and sportswear garment factory, “A” Company, in Quebec, Canada, which has a history of more than 30 years. The garment industry is a labor-intensive industry. The nature of its industry makes it quite sensitive to labor costs. This contradiction is ...Read more

  • airbag

    During this time, there was widespread snow in China. Even the south had fallen. This snow makes everyone excited! But people who drive out, What if accidentally drifting in the snow? With the development of traffic, cars are becoming more and more common. While traffic accidents ensue. Security...Read more

  • flag banner icon

    As an excellent exhibition display equipment, advertising flags are being used more and more in various commercial advertising activities. And types of banners are also varied, water injection flags, beach flag, corporate flag, antique flag, bunting, string flag, feather flag, gift flag, hanging ...Read more

  • carpet

    Carpet widely used in residential, hotels, stadiums, exhibition halls, vehicles, ships, aircraft and other floor coverings, there are noise reduction, thermal insulation and decorative effect. Traditional carpet generally used manual cut, electric cut or Die cut. The cutting speed for workers is ...Read more

  • garment

    In recent years, laser cutting technology has been widely chased after by the public. Especially in the fashion industry, there are many well-known fashion designers add the costume design with laser cutting technology. They use laser technology for hollowing, or laser cutting engraving, etc., ma...Read more

  • automotive interiors

    In the automotive interior (mainly car seat covers, car carpets, airbags, etc.) production areas, especially car cushion production, the main cutting method for computer cutting and manual cutting. As the price of computer cutting bed is very high (the lowest price is more than 1 million Yuan), f...Read more

  • wood 3d model

    The capabilities of laser As we all know, the 3D model is using specific tool to cut out all parts of the components from the planar material, and then all the flat components are joined together into a 3D model. Using the laser cutting machine, only need drawing on the software such as CorelDraw...Read more

  • Vans Sk8-Hi Decon & Slip-On Laser-Cut

    In the footwear industry, laser technology is the most representative element. The beam energy density is high in laser processing, and the speed is fast, and it is local processing, which has little effect on the non-irradiated parts. Laser and shoe material, it’s a “match made in he...Read more

  • 3mm SS 6mm CS laser cut 1000w

    As the name implies, metal laser cutting machine, one of the very common laser cutting equipment, is specialized in cutting a variety of metal materials. Metal processing industry occupies a considerable proportion in industrial manufacturing. No matter how hard the material of metal, it can be c...Read more

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