Laser perforating to promote sports shoes & garment industry innovation

People increasing emphasis on sports and health, while the sports footwear and apparel are increasingly high requirements.

Sportswear comfort and breathability is very concerned by sportswear brand. Most manufacturers are seeking to change the fabric from the fabric material and structure, spend a lot of time and effort to promote innovative fabrics. There are many warm and comfortable fabrics while often with poor ventilation or wicking capabilities. Therefore, the brand manufacturers shift attention to the laser technology.

symbol  Laser has the characteristics of non-contact and heat processing. Sportswear fabrics laser cutting and perforating, high efficiency, high precision, and automatic edge sealing. Laser is an excellent choice for sports shoes and sportswear cutting and perforating.

Golden Laser ZJ (3D) -160130LD laser marking machine to perforate fabrics

• Data Results

• Material width: 336.5mm; Length: 140.7mm

• Perforating time just 4 seconds!

symbol Laser cutting, precise and good quality. Laser perforating, clean, fine, and very fast. Laser processing of materials also have no limit for the vast majority of sportswear fabrics. For elastic fabrics, in particular, laser cutting has more advantages than other cutting tool or manual cutting.

Combining technical fabrics and laser drilling technology to deep processing of fabrics, is another innovation of sportswear. Its comfort and permeability is also favored by sports stars.

Today, starting from the Chanel fashion show, supermodels who wear sneakers in the show supermarket shopping, sportswear not only relates to sports and health, but also a symbol of fashion.

symbol 2Laser perforating allows sportswear more fashionable

symbol 2The most common of sports shoes punching

symbol 2Sports shoes laser engraving is artwork – Air Jordan Dub Zero Laser


Post time: Apr-28-2017

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