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Metal laser cutting machine is the witness of science and technology development

As the name implies, metal laser cutting machine, one of the very common laser cutting equipment, is specialized in cutting a variety of metal materials. Metal processing industry occupies a considerable proportion in industrial manufacturing. No matter how hard the material of metal, it can be cut with laser cutting machine. Laser metal cutting machine is widely used in aviation, electronics, automobiles, ships, small craft and other processing and manufacturing, mainly for a variety of metal cutting. What are the advantages of metal laser cutting machine? Here, GOLDEN LASER to tell you about the three major advantages.

Advantages 1: good economic benefits

Metal laser cutting machine processing without deformation, the machine has no cutting force, and material adaptability is very good, no tool wear. Parts, whether complex or simple, can be used to cut by laser metal cutting machine, and cutting the quality is very good, very high precision, slit thin and narrow, without any pollution. As the operation is very simple and relatively high degree of automation, it can reduce the labor of manpower, so not only can improve the utilization of materials, but also can reduce costs and improve economic efficiency.

3mm SS and 6mm CS laser cutting 1000w

Advantage 2: save material, save time

Metal laser cutting machine for processing the workpiece is required, in addition to internal factors there are external factors, the size of the workpiece, material, thickness and the largest format, etc. And for laser cutting machine, the future direction of development should be considered. Laser metal cutting machine is able to achieve automatic cutting, reducing the loading and unloading time.

metal laser cutting for tube

Advantage 3: high production efficiency

The development of laser cutting equipment can be regarded as an industrial revolution. Metal laser cutting machine production efficiency is very high, and the cutting speed is very fast, the most important is that the degree of flexibility of laser metal cutting machine is very high. China’s laser cutting equipment is also exported to foreign countries, to extend the life of laser cutting technology to win a wide range of markets. Needless to say, whether in process or in the production characteristics, metal laser cutting machine to ensure good economic returns, saving material, saving time, high production efficiency advantages, on this basis, continuous improvement and improvement. I believe in the near future, metal laser cutting machine will be more perfect and better development to meet the broader market demand.