Dual head vision scan laser cutting sublimation fabric

Dual head vision scan laser cutting machine for sublimation fabric – Golden Laser
✅ While the roll of sublimated fabric is being fed onto the conveyor table, the vision system performs a fast scan on the fly of the printed contour and automatically creates a vector file. It optimizes the use of printed fabrics as the vision scanning technology scans the entire bed within 5 seconds before starting the cutting process.

✅ Independent dual laser heads cut their respective allocated areas simultaneously, high processing efficiency.

✅ A conveyor bed and auto-feeder are used to keep cutting continuous, saving time and increasing production speed.

✅ Extension table is conducive to pick up the cut pieces.

Description of the laser cutting machine on our website: https://www.goldenlaser.cc/sublimation-fabric-laser-cutter-for-sportswear.html

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