High Speed Laser Perforation and Cutting Machine with Camera

Model No.: ZDJMCZJJG(3D)170200LD


This laser cutting system seamlessly combines the precision of Galvo and the versatility of Gantry, offering high-speed performance for a diverse range of materials while also optimizing space utilization with its multi-functional capabilities.

Additionally, its adaptability to integrate different vision camera systems allows for automatic recognition of contours and precise edge-cutting for printed materials. This capability enhances efficiency and accuracy, particularly in the fashion and digital printing (dye-sublimation) fabric applications.

  • Processing format : 1700mmx2000mm (can be customized on demand)
  • Laser power : 150W / 200W /300W
  • Repeatability : ±0.1mm
  • Galvo speed : 0-8000mm/s
  • Gantry speed : 0-800mm/s
  • Option : Auto feeder

High Speed Laser Perforating and Cutting Machine with Vision System

This laser cutting system combines the precision of Galvo and the versatility of Gantry, offering high-speed performance for a diverse range of materials. With a processing format of 1700mm x 2000mm (customizable on demand), an optional auto-feeder, and laser power options ranging from 150W to 300W, the machine ensures powerful and customizable performance.

The integrated camera systems, alongside features like a gear and rack drive structure, automatic switching between galvanometer and gantry modes, and a conveyor system, contribute to a seamless and efficient workflow.

This machine is designed for multifunctionality, efficiency, and precision in every detail. Ideal for the fashion industry and digital printing fabric applications, this innovative laser solution elevates manufacturing capabilities to new heights.

Highlights of the Machine Structure

Highlights of the machine structure

The Galvo & Gantry integrated design allows the machine to seamlessly transition between two distinct motion control systems: the galvanometer system and the gantry system. 

1. Galvanometer System:
The galvanometer system is known for its high-speed and precision in controlling the laser beam. It employs a set of mirrors that can rapidly reposition to direct the laser beam across the material surface. This system is exceptionally effective for intricate and detailed work, providing swift and accurate laser movements for tasks such as perforating and fine cutting.

2. Gantry System:
On the other hand, the gantry system involves a larger-scale motion control mechanism, typically consisting of a gantry structure with a moving laser head. This system is advantageous for covering larger surface areas and is well-suited for applications that require broad, sweeping movements.

Automatic Switching Mechanism:

The brilliance of the automatic switching feature lies in its ability to seamlessly transition between these two systems based on the specific requirements of the job at hand. This feature is often software-controlled and can be programmed to engage the galvanometer system for intricate detailing and then switch to the gantry system for broader, less detailed tasks, all without manual intervention.


  • • Versatility: The machine can adapt to a wide range of applications, from intricate designs to larger, more expansive cutting tasks.
  • • Optimized Efficiency: The automatic switching ensures that the most suitable motion control system is employed for each part of the job, maximizing efficiency and reducing processing time.
  • • Precision and Speed: Combining the strengths of both systems, this feature allows for a harmonious balance between precision and speed in laser processing.

The "Automatic switching of the galvanometer/gantry" feature in Golden Laser's machine represents an innovative solution that optimizes the capabilities of both the galvanometer and gantry systems, providing unparalleled versatility and efficiency in laser perforating, engraving and cutting applications.


Golden Laser's High-Speed Galvo & Gantry Laser Machine - your partner in precision and efficiency.

Rack and Pinion Drive

Precision meets speed with our robust rack and pinion drive structure, ensuring high-speed bilateral synchronous drive for efficient perforating and cutting processes.

3D Dynamic Galvo System

Experience unmatched accuracy and flexibility with our advanced three-axis dynamic galvanometer control system, delivering precise laser movements for superior results.

Vision Camera System

Equipped with state-of-the-art high-definition industrial cameras, our machine ensures advanced visual monitoring and precise material alignment, guaranteeing perfection in every cut.

Motion Control System

Benefit from cutting-edge technology of a closed-loop motion control system with with independent intellectual property rights, ensuring superior performance and reliability.

Follow-Up Exhaust Device

Keep your workspace clean and efficient with our follow-up exhaust device, swiftly and cleanly removing smoke from the cutting process.

Reinforced Welded Bed

The machine features a reinforced welded bed and large-scale gantry precision milling, providing a stable foundation for accurate and reliable laser processing.


Golden Laser's High-Speed Galvo & Gantry Laser Machine - Ideal for a wide range of industries, including:
fabric and leather laser perforation samples

Particularly well-suited for the integrated perforating and cutting (ventilation hole creation) of digital printed sportswear patterns.

1. Sportswear and Activewear:

Specifically designed for creating ventilation holes and intricate patterns on sportswear, gym apparel, and leggings.

2. Apparel, Fashion and Accessories:

Perfect for precision cutting and perforation of fabric for clothing items, ensuring clean edges and intricate designs.

3. Leather and Footwear:

Ideal for perforating and cutting leather used in the production of shoes and other leather goods like gloves.

4. Decorative Items:

Precision cutting for creating intricate patterns on decorative items such as tablecloths and curtains.

5. Industrial Fabrics:

Ideal for cutting and perforating fabrics used in automotive interiors, fabric ducts an other technical textiles.

Enhance your production capabilities with the High Speed Galvo & Gantry Laser Perforating and Cutting Machine from Golden Laser.

We are here to help with customization options to meet your specific manufacturing needs.

Technical Parameters

Working area 1700mmx2000mm / 66.9”x78.7” (customizable on demand)
Working table Conveyor working table
Laser power 150W / 200W / 300W
Laser tube CO2 RF metal laser tube
Cutting system X-Y gantry cutting
Perforation/marking system GALVO system
X-axis moving system Gear and rack moving system
Y-axis moving system Gear and rack moving system
Cooling system Constant temperature water chiller
Exhaust system 3KW exhaust fan x 2, 550W exhaust fan x 1
Power supply AC220V ± 5%, 50Hz/60Hz
Software Golden Laser Marking and Cutting Software
Space occupation 3993mm(L) x 3550mm(W) x 1600mm(H) / 13.1’ x 11.6’ x 5.2’
Other options Auto feeder, red dot

*** Note: As products are constantly updated, please contact us for the latest specifications. ***

GOLDENLASER Full Range of Sublimation Laser Cutting Systems

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High Speed Perforation and Cutting Laser Machine with Vision System

Model No. Working area
ZDJMCZJJG(3D)170200LD 1700mmx2000mm (66.9”x78.7”)

The High Speed Galvo & Gantry Laser Perforating and Cutting Machine with Camera from Golden Laser is versatile and can be applied to a wide range of materials. Here are specific materials that the machine can effectively process:

1. Sportswear and Activewear Fabrics:

Technical fabrics, moisture-wicking materials, and stretchable fabrics commonly used in sportswear, activewear, and leggings.

2. Fabrics for Apparel:

Cotton, polyester, silk, nylon, spandex, and other textile materials used in garment production.

3. Leather Materials:

Genuine leather, synthetic leather, and suede for various applications in the fashion and footwear industries.

4. Textile Home Decor Items:

Fabrics for headscarves, tablecloths, curtains, and other decorative textiles used in home furnishings.

5. Industrial Fabrics:

Automotive interior fabrics, fabric ducts, and other heavy-duty materials used in industrial applications.

It’s important to note that the machine’s precision and versatility make it suitable for a broader range of materials within these categories. Additionally, the ability to create intricate patterns and perforations enhances the customization options for various industries. If you have specific materials in mind for your application, the machine can likely accommodate them, provided they fall within the specified processing format and thickness capabilities.

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