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Focus on ITMA: 12 years of Goldenlaser’s exhibition history

ITMA (Textile & Garment Technology Exhibition), the world’s leading event in the textile industry, will be held from June 20th to 26th, 2019 at the Barcelona Convention and Exhibition Center in Spain. Founded in 1951, ITMA is held every four years. It has long been known as the “Olympic” of the textile machine. It brings together the latest cutting-edge textile technology and is a new technology platform for the display of cutting-edge textile and garment machinery. And it is a world-class platform for communication between merchants and buyers. As an industry prestigious event, then, the world’s industry giants will gather here.

ITMA 2019 Goldenlaser booth renderings

In order to go to this event, Goldenlaser has already started intensive preparations six months ago: planning booth structure and site layout, planning exhibition theme and laser machines display plan, preparing samples, presentation materials, exhibition materials… all preparations are carried out in an orderly and orderly manner. This is the fourth ITMA trip for Goldenlaser since we first participated in the event in 2007. From 2007 to 2019,12 years, ITMA witnessed the brilliant history of Goldenlaser from youth to maturity, from exploration to the front end of the industry.

ITMA 2007 Goldenlaser Booth

ITMA 2007 Goldenlaser Booth

ITMA 2007 exhibition in Munich, was in the early stage of Goldenlaser. At that time, most European customers still held the “suspected” and “unsure” attitude towards “Made in China”. Goldenlaser participated in the exhibition with the theme of “we are from China”, which became a new attempt for Goldenlaser to enter the European market and open the world. Opportunities and challenges coexist, always making people nervous and excited. The 7-day exhibition was surprisingly good. All the laser cutting machines exhibited at the Goldenlaser booth was sold out on site. Since then, the brand of Goldenlaser and our products have begun to plant seeds in the European continent. The dream of products spread all over the world began to take root in the heart of the Goldenlaser team.


ITMA2011•Barcelona, Spain: Goldenlaser launched standardized MARS series laser machines

After four years of painstaking research and exploration, at the ITMA in Barcelona, Spain in 2011, with the theme of “Flexible Materials Laser Application Solution Provider”, Goldenlaser officially brings standardized small-format laser cutting machine, high-speed denim laser engraving machine and large-format laser cutting machine to the market. During the 7-day exhibition, we attracted the attention of professional exhibitors from all over the world. We received customers from all over the world in the textile and apparel industry and became the brightest star in the exhibition.

NEWS-1 ITMA Barcelona 2011


ITMA2015•Milan, Italy: Subverting tradition with laser technology and contributing to market segments

Compared with the previous two ITMA exhibitions, ITMA 2015 Milan, Italy, witnessed a qualitative leap in Goldenlaser product line. After eight years of technical research and development and continuous exploration, we will exhibit four cutting-edge and high-performance laser machines at ITMA 2019. Multifunctional X-Y cutting & Galvo engraving machine, high speed gear rack laser cutting machine, roll to roll label laser die cutting machine and vision laser cutting machine for digital printed textile. The value of Goldenlaser’s products has not only been limited to the production value that the equipment itself can create, but has begun to truly penetrate and penetrate into each specific application industry and field, providing customers with “sustainable solutions”.

ITMA 2015 in Milan, Italy


ITMA2019•Barcelona, Spain: a strong return to the legend

ITMA has been exhibiting for 12 years. Over the years, our customers’ demand for cutting-edge laser machines has continued to grow. The rapid development of science and technology has brought tremendous changes to the industry, and we have always been “customer-oriented”, to seek the power of market development and upgrade laser machines year by year.

itma2019 details

The 12-year history of Goldenlaser ITMA is a magnificent epic of brand and self-growth. It witnesses the brilliant transformation of our 12 years. On the road, we have never stopped the pace of innovation and struggle. In the future, there is a long way to go and it is worth looking forward to!