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Co2 Galvo Laser Marking Makes Leather Full of Creativity

The leather products that are found everywhere in our daily lives make our lives more diverse. For example, leather goods such as clothes, shoes, belts, straps, wallets, and handicrafts, some beautiful patterns and characters can be seen in these products.

Do you know how these beautiful patterns are displayed on leather goods? You must say that it is printed by traditional techniques. It is true that traditional crafts can indeed produce beautiful patterns on leather goods, but do you know that you can do it with CO2 Galvo laser marking machine and do it better?

leather laser engraving cutting samples

Can Co2 Galvo laser marking machine be used to meet the basic needs of businesses? Yes, in a sense. Compared with traditional processing, the CO2 laser marking machine does not cause any damage to the leather when the pattern is marked on the leather goods. The laser engraving speed is faster and the effect is more accurate. For some bizarre shapes, the marking requirements can be easily completed.

Laser processing is a kind of thermal processing. It is a high-energy laser beam that instantly burns the pattern on the surface of the leather. It is less affected by heat, so even if it is a high-quality laser beam, it will not damage the leather, just happen to be in the leather surface to form the required marking pattern. In addition to the delicate pattern markings, Co2 Galvo laser machine can also engrave text, symbols, etc., and can punch holes.

Galvo laser for leather shoes

Simply put, leather manufacturers can use CO2 laser marking machines to form permanent patterns, characters and text marks on leather products. In fact, in addition to marking the delicate patterns on the leather goods, the Co2 laser marking machine can help the merchants to save costs and bring economic benefits. The Co2 laser marking machine does not require any consumables during use, saving unnecessary consumables costs. And the system has a service life of at least 20,000 hours, saving the trouble of system failure maintenance. Lasers and galvanometers are all imported original accessories to ensure the stability of the system and give customers greater trust.