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Golden Laser 2022 Staff Labor (Skills) Competition Successfully Concluded

On June 23, a unique competition kicked off in the production workshop of Golden Laser CO2 Laser Division.

skills competition 2022

In order to enhance the professional skills of the staff, strengthen the teamwork ability, and at the same time discover the technical skills and reserve the technical talents, Golden Laser Trade Union Committee initiated and hosted the staff labor (skills) competition with the theme of “Welcome the 20th National Congress, Build a New Era”, which was undertaken by the CO2 Laser Division of Golden Laser.

skills competition 2022

Mr. Liu Feng, Vice Chairman of Golden Laser Union Committee, attended the event

At 9am on 23rd June, with the order of the host, the Labor Skills Competition was officially opened. The contestants quickly ran to the competition site and started to prepare various tools needed for the competition, and a tense and intense competition atmosphere gradually spread.

skills competition 2022-3

Let me take you on a tour of what the excitement was all about at the game!

Compare ideas, skills, styles, and levels! At the electrician job skills competition site, the skillful skills and smooth operation of the contestants presented the judges and the audience with the beauty of operation and the beauty of skills.

skills competition 2022-4 skills competition 2022-5 skills competition 2022-6 skills competition 2022-7

Compare skills, compare contributions, produce results, and see results! At the site of the fitter’s skills competition, the “hissing” sound of the hacksaw, the sound of the file and the surface of the workpiece rubbing back and forth…all describe the intensity of the competition. The contestants also worked hard, and completed every process calmly and earnestly.

skills competition 2022-8 skills competition 2022-9 skills competition 2022-10 skills competition 2022-11 skills competition 2022-12

Catching up, learning and surpassing, striving to be the best in the job! At the site of the debugging post skills competition, the contestants were meticulous and completed every operation conscientiously and skillfully, showing good psychological quality and excellent technical level in the intense and exciting arena.

skills competition 2022-13 skills competition 2022-14 skills competition 2022-15 skills competition 2022-16

After two hours of fierce competition, the competition of each position is gradually coming to an end. Skilled craftsmen, masters on the same stage, who can win the crown of this skill competition in the fierce competition?

skills competition 2022-17 skills competition 2022-18 skills competition 2022-19 skills competition 2022-20

After a fierce competition, the competition awarded three first prizes, two second prizes, three third prizes and one group prize, and the leaders of the CO2 laser division of Golden Run Laser awarded the winners with honorary certificates and prizes.

skills competition 2022-21 skills competition 2022-22 skills competition 2022-23 skills competition 2022-24 skills competition 2022-25

Craftsmanship builds dreams, skills light up life! Golden Laser has also been inheriting and sticking to its own artisan spirit in its own way over the years. With the guidelines of craftsmanship, excellence and innovation, we have always focused on providing quality laser machines and services to our customers.

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