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This laser machine, even the rigorous Japanese customers have been convinced by it!

It is undeniable that Japanese manufacturing often gives the impression of reliable quality, fine workmanship and durability. Japan focuses on high-end manufacturing and precision manufacturing, especially in CNC precision machine tool and robot manufacturing, most of which are machine tool giants with a history of nearly 100 years or more. Therefore, Japan, which has a very strong machine tool manufacturing capability, has strict requirements for laser equipment. Let’s take a look at this trip to Japan for the Goldenlaser Vision Smart Laser Cutting System.

ISO/SGS quality certification

The laser cutting machine have passed strict inspection and testing, and obtained ISO quality management certification and SGS certification. Cross the sea to Japan, to reach the customer factory.

160130LD 2018120301

On-site installation

Goldenlaser’s overseas technical engineers bring their own shoe covers, garbage bags and all the tools before entering the customer’s factory. Make the schedule in advance, and let the customer know the progress every day.

On-site installation 20181203

Careful debugging

Before the acceptance of the machine, we make sufficient tests on the equipment to ensure that no errors are reported during the processing of the machine. (The following pictures are recorded according to different materials of the customer.)

                          testing 1     testing 2

                          testing 3     testing 4

Our engineers give on-site software training and equipment operation training to customers.

Perfect acceptance

Our engineers adjust the machine to a fully productive state and the customer can use it directly for production. Then our engineers give on-site software training and equipment operation training to customers.

160130LD 2018120302

160130LD 2018120303

160130LD 2018120304

160130LD 2018120305

We strive to turn complex laser equipment into a flexible production tool through user-friendly design and comprehensive service.

After our engineer returned to China, this Japanese customer sent us an email to express his thanks and repeatedly praised the products and services of Goldenlaser from China.

In addition to Japan, in other developed countries and regions in Asia, such as South Korea and Taiwan, there are also many laser machines from Goldenlaser. Even in the manufacturing world power – Germany, the Goldenlaser brand is also well-known.

In the more than ten years of exploration and development, Goldenlaser has always emphasized the quality and service of its products, which is probably one of the main reasons why Goldenlaser stands firm in the global market!