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Laser-cut sandals, light up the summer from the toe

Shoe upper laser marking machine, the interpretation of summer patterns.

The summer heat is transpiration, and the heat wave in summer is coming. In order to cool off the summer, in addition to watermelon and ice cream, sandals are also standard for summer. The laser cut elements blend into the fashion trend of sandals and sparkle in the summer.

laser cut leather sandals

Laser engraving and cutting of leather sandals is a fascinating reverie to summer. It is the laser marking machine that processes this gorgeous shoe upper. It perfectly realizes the blueprint in the designer’s mind and brings a brand new sensory experience for dressing.

Laser-cut leather sandals and colorful colors add vitality to summer. The summer atmosphere is just under the foot, so that every step is swaying and full of style.

laser cut leather sandals

The laser marking machine outlines the beautiful poetry of the sandals, and the laser cut and hollowed out vamp reveals the beauty of the skin. Such as delicate lace ribbon wrapped around the toe, showing the charm of elegant and intellectual.

laser cut leather sandals

The skillful use of the laser is ingenuity, and the laser cut and hollowing out of the embellishment reveals the consideration. The laser cut and engrave of sandals, the interpretation of the variety of processing effects, let the sandals shine in the summer.