Laser cut sound insulation felts to bring quiet to the office

The design of the office environment has been constantly evolving, from the closed cubicle to the open space, all aimed at improving the internal connectivity of the enterprise and creating a more cooperative and social environment. However, the low-frequency noise such as noisy footsteps and talking sound become a distraction for employees.

Sound insulation felts are ideal for sound insulation applications in open office spaces due to their excellent material properties. The laser cutting sound-absorbing felt makes the noise disappear and enable you enjoy the silent charm of office.

acoustic felt wall

acoustic felt wall

acoustic felt wall

Acoustic felt wall

Laser cutting machine provides the possibility of creating personalized and customized space for acoustic felt. Laser cut sound insulation felt can be assembled freely to form a variety of patterns. The laser-cut sound-proof felt can be used as a wall, partition or decoration to seamlessly connect with different scenes, reducing the mutual interference of each office area.

felt partition

Felt partition

The reception area is the aesthetic and image embodiment of a company. The gray soundproof felt wall injects a quiet force into the reception room, and the rigorous color reflects the decisiveness and thoroughness of a company. But rigor is not equal to stereotypes, and the laser cutout pattern becomes an active color in rationality.

soundproof felt reception room

Soundproof felt reception room

A quiet office environment helps you focus and get ideas flowing. Use laser to cut the soundproof felt to create unique style, free and rich patterns, quietly capture the appearance of each inspiration, and let the imagination roam around.

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