Laser Perforating for Leather Jackets

Spring is the best season for a piece of fine leather Jackets. Using the laser to embellish your leather jacket design is the new way to go. If you want to start this project, this is the best time to contact us.

For the last decades, laser cutting machine manufacturer has used a laser system to engrave design on the leather jacket. Carving out some cool skull patterns on the back of the jacket will always add some extra sexiness to the piece. But now, 2020, the tide has shifted, you can do much more with laser system than just carving designs.


Using a laser to perforate triangle, circle, square, or any irregular figures on your leather design can definitely increase design possibilities. If you want to be different from the market, if you want to be ahead of the fashion industry, laser perorating will be your best bet.

When it comes to garment manufacture, laser system has the following benefits:

  • Bring more flexible processing procedure
  • Achieve arbitrary design, precisely die-cut tiny designs within 2mm
  • Automatic sealed edge of materials
  • Processing continuously, seamlessly adjust jobs on the fly
  • Minimize the waste of material greatly

We truly believe that laser engraving system is an unprecedented tool, which value is best served by the best designers. With much finer laser beam and a more stable mechanical structure, our Laser Engraving System is a great help for designers to express their ideas to the world. Our laser systems for cutting, engraving, and marking are meanwhile being used efficiently across all sectors of the fashion industry.


Contact us today to know more about laser engraving on leather jackets and leather goods. Last but not least, we also provide a laser engraving system for textiles, apparel, footwear, carpets & mats, automotive interiors, furnishing upholstery, paper, wood acrylic advertising, and many others as you can imagine.

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