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Combat the pandemic · Maintain production · Stabilize business

Epidemic prevention and control is a thrilling battle and an arduous test. Since November 21, 2022, in order to strictly implement the general strategy of "external prevention of importation and internal prevention of rebound", Golden Laser was closed for 9 days to reduce the number of non-essential personnel going out and to strictly control outsiders.

Under the leadership of the Group, Golden Laser has made comprehensive planning and thorough deployment, carried responsibilities at all levels and tightened the chain, grasped epidemic prevention and control with one hand and production and supply with the other, continuously improved its scientific and precise prevention and control skills, and guaranteed production and operation in a strong and orderly manner.

Who says there are no heroes in ordinary positions? In the critical period of racing against time and virus, we overcome difficulties, unite and collaborate, fight continuously, strive hard, do our best in ordinary positions, guard the goldenlaser position, and provide solid guarantee for the realization of long-term safe and stable production and high quality and high speed development of the company.

Stick to the post and play a set of "combined punches" to ensure production

In order to ensure the on-time delivery of the company's contract equipment, nearly 150 employees of Golden Laser stick to their posts to ensure production when the industrial park is fully closed, and carry forward the spirit of nails and stick to the production line. Outside the park, employees who failed to arrive at their posts implemented homeworking, and strived to grasp and promote both epidemic prevention and control and production and operation, and played a set of "anti-epidemic and production-guaranteed" combination punches.

The employees of the CO2 Laser Division are fighting on the front line of production, carrying forward the spirit of hard work and overcoming difficulties, so that production can advance safely and steadily during the epidemic.

On the basis of strict implementation of the epidemic prevention and control requirements, the staff of VTOP Fiber Laser segment performed their duties and responsibilities, and took practical actions to create a working situation of "prevention and production at the same time".

Be proactive, take multiple measures, and go all out to stabilize the business

The marketing team is actively adjusting its sales mindset and striving to turn reactive into proactive.

On the domestic front, the sales and after-sales teams took the initiative to visit customers and solve problems on site in the event of postponement or cancellation of various exhibitions.

In terms of international sales, the marketing team went overseas, actively participated in industry exhibitions in Asia, Europe and America, took the initiative to visit customers, introduced the company's development and planning, helped customers analyse the market situation and formulate countermeasures, and solved problems reflected by customers on site in a timely manner, which boosted customers' confidence in the Golden Laser brand.


The domestic after-sales team responds to customer needs in a timely manner and solves problems for customers.

The exhibition itinerary of the foreign trade business team from September to November:


Vietnam Print Pack 2022


Printing United Expo 2022 (Las Vegas, USA)

Pack Print International (Bangkok, Thailand)

EURO BLECH (Hanover, Germany)


MAQUITEX (Portugal)

Shoes & Leather Vietnam 2022


goldenlaser JIAM 2022
Shoes & Leather Vietnam 2022
goldenlaser JIAM 2022

Facing the Asian, European, and American markets, the foreign trade team of Golden Laser has never stopped. We actively participate in various professional exhibitions such as printing & packaging, digital printing, textile and clothing, leather & shoe, textile equipment and metal processing, and is the brand of Golden Laser. Expansion overseas provides good channel opportunities.

During the interval of participating in the exhibition, the Golden Laser team took the initiative to contact customers to visit and communicate, and while accurately providing customer after-sales service, it promoted the new technology and new equipment of Golden Laser.

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