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On the First Day of CITPE2021

The much-anticipated CITPE2021 (China International Textile Printing Industrial Technology Expo) is grandly opened today in Guangzhou. Goldenlaser makes a stunning appearance with three sets of featured laser machines.

01 Vision Scanning Laser Cutting machine for Sublimation Printed Textiles and Fabrics

02 Full Flying CO2 Galvo Laser Cutting and Marking Machine with Camera

03 GoldenCAM Camera Registration Laser Cutter for Twill Letters, Logos, Numbers

On the first day of CITPE2021, the Goldenlaser booth was overwhelmed with popularity! Many customers have expressed great interest in our CO2 laser cutting machines. Some customers have conducted material tests on site and are very satisfied with the process results of the samples. This exhibition will last for three days, so if you haven’t come yet, don’t miss it! You are also very welcome to bring your materials to test with our laser machines!

CITPE20215201 CITPE20215202 CITPE20215203 CITPE20215204

Goldenlaser Booth NO.T2031A

As a digital laser application solution provider, Goldenlaser provides complete laser processing solutions for digital printed textiles. Looking forward to in-depth exchanges and negotiations with you, win-win cooperation business opportunities!

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