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Ten years accumulation in filtration industry, embracing new opportunities in the environmental protection industry

Recently, the environmental protection storm has escalated. Many provinces and cities in China have started the “blue sky defense war”, and environmental governance has been pushed to the forefront. At the same time, environmental governance has brought new opportunities to the filtration and separation industry. Environmental protection is inseparable from advanced filtration separation materials, and laser processing filter separation materials have natural advantages.

In 2008, GOLDEN LASER went to Leipzig, Germany to participate in the professional filtering exhibition with the first-generation laser cutting machine for filter industrial fabrics. After ten years of getting close to the users, digging the users’ demands, continuously carrying out technical advancement and process precipitation, the innovation and upgrading of the fifth generation laser cutting machine for filtering industrial fabrics has been completed.


What are the benefits of cutting filter cloth with laser?

• Clean and perfect cutting edges, laser thermal processing, automatic edge sealing, no need for secondary processing, laser cut pieces can be directly sewn, optimize production process.
• Laser is non-contact processing, no tool wear, low maintenance costs.
• High laser cutting efficiency, dust-free, in line with environmental standards.
• Automatic nesting saves expensive materials and reduces production costs.
• High precision in the cutting process, consistently high cutting quality.
• Perfect cutting with laser whether the filter cloth is plastic, PET, PP, or felt material. etc.


Laser Cutting Filtering Material

laser cutting 1.4mm plastic filtration material

laser cut PP 0.48mm thickness

laser cut 0.2mm polyester multi anti static

GOLDEN LASER High Speed High Power CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

Professional design for the filtration textile industry

Fully enclosed structure

This laser cutting machine adopts a fully enclosed structure, with a fully enclosed exhaust system to avoid secondary pollution caused by dust.

3.5×4m large-format working area, automatic and precise laser cutting, to avoid the problem of slow and imprecise manual cutting.


Rack and pinion motion system

GOLDEN LASER has high-precision double-drive gear-rack transmission technology and the ability to carry high-power CO2 metal RF lasers from 600 watts to 800 watts. The laser head runs at speeds of up to 800mm/s and an acceleration of up to 10000 mm/s2, ensuring long-term stability while maintaining cutting efficiency.

High power laser source

Filtration materials are typically fiber materials, woven fabrics, and acid and alkali resistant corrosion resistant materials. It is difficult to cut and dusty with cutting tools. While laser cutting is high efficiency, dust-free, avoiding secondary pollution. In order to ensure the fast operation of the laser head, the full-flying optical path structure is adopted, and the water-cooling design of the lens is simultaneously performed to avoid damage of the lens caused by the high-power laser.

The environment is the basic premise of human survival and development. We only have one earth, and environmental protection is an urgent task. Golden Laser relies on continuous innovation and contributes to the development of filtration separation and environmental purification. It is committed to providing optimized filtration material laser cutting solutions, becoming an innovator and leader in the industry and becoming a pioneer in environmental protection.