Goldenlaser is Moving Forward with Strength in 2023

The years alternate, and time keeps moving forward with the seasons. In a blink of an eye, the vitality of summer is everywhere. At this time, the production of laser machines in Goldenlaser Industrial Park is in full swing.

From January to April 2023, Goldenlaser strived to stay ahead of the competition with the joint efforts of all staff and maintained a good growth momentum.

In terms of products, Goldenlaser always insists on improving technology and quality, and creates "specialized, special and new" star equipment.

In terms of customers, we always attach great importance to customer needs. In China and all over the world, our team has never stopped.

In terms of marketing, we continue to participate in various industry exhibitions at home and abroad to develop business for the Goldenlaser brand in the subdivision industry segments.

Last year, Goldenlaser was awarded the national "Specialized Special New Little Giant" honorary title, which is a recognition of Goldenlaser's focus on the development of the main industry of the laser sector over the years, and its commitment to new products and new technology development capabilities.

▼ High Speed Digital Laser Die Cutting Machine

laser label cutting machine with sheeter

Watch Laser Die Cutting Machine LC350 in Action!

▼ Sheet Fed Laser Cutting Machine

Sheet Fed Laser Cutting Machine at Sinolabel2023

Watch Sheet Fed Laser Cutting Machine for Carton Production in Action!

In terms of precision laser cutting machine, laser format flatbed laser cutting machines and other star products, Golden Laser has always been down-to-earth and determined to improve and upgrade, constantly meeting the increasingly personalized processing needs of our customers.

▼ Independent Dual Head Large Format Flatbed Laser Cutting Machine

dual head large format flatbed laser cutting machine

Watch Dual Head Flatbed Laser Cutter for Textile in Action!

On the road to achieving high quality development, Golden Laser will not forget its original intention, practice its internal strength and focus on the development of its main business.

Service-oriented, customer first

In East Asia, we took the initiative to communicate and test samples again and again, and won the favor of customers by virtue of product strength and perseverance.

20230506 1

In Southeast Asia, relying on the good reputation and perfect dealer channels of Goldenlaser, our service personnel are stationed there for a long time to create exclusive personalized laser processing solutions for customers.

20230506 2

In Europe, we travel to many countries and regions in a sales + technical support team model, actively servicing existing customers and proactively visiting potential customers.

In addition, we also invited batches of European companies in related industries to participate in the Open House event in the European region, which won the unanimous approval of local customers. Next, we will also establish a branch in Europe to continue creating value for local customers.

20230506 3
20230506 4
20230506 5
20230506 6

In the Americas, professional sales staff are responsible for providing laser solutions to customers, with skilled technicians providing machine commissioning services, personalized solutions and professional technical services as one service concept has made the Americas region a top priority for the continued growth of Goldenlaser.

20230506 7
20230506 8

Since the beginning of this year, Goldenlaser has actively participated in various domestic and international subdivided industry exhibitions. Each exhibition provides a broad platform for the development of Goldenlaser in the subdivided industry market, and provides a solid foundation for the continuous deepening of related industries.

Labelexpo Southeast Asia 2023

Labelexpo Southeast Asia 2023

Sino Label 2023

goldenlaser at sinolabel 2023
goldenlaser at sinolabel 2023



VietAd  2023

VietAd 2023-1



Next, Goldenlaser will continue to participate in various exhibitions to help the development of the GOLDENLASER brand.

Struggle to be the first, and go steadily and far. Goldenlaser will not forget its original intention, focus on subdividing industries, continue to take the development path of "specialization, specialization and innovation", focus on the main business, practice internal skills hard, strengthen innovation, continuously improve product service and solution innovation capabilities, and enhance core competition force.

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