Laser Perforation of Breathable Holes in Motorcycle Helmet Lining

The new traffic rules of “one helmet and one belt” have been implemented in China. Whether you ride a motorcycle or an electric car, you need to wear a helmet. After all, if you don’t wear a helmet, you will be fined. Motorcycle helmets and electric vehicle helmets, which had received little attention in the past, are now hot-selling products both online and offline, and with it comes constant orders from manufacturers. Laser perforation process can play a key role in the production of helmet lining.

Motorcycle helmets and electric vehicle helmets are composed of an outer shell, a buffer layer, an inner lining layer, a hat strap, a jaw guard, and lenses. The helmets wrapped in layers protect the rider’s safety, but also bring a problem, that is, sultry, especially in summer. Therefore, the helmet design needs to solve the problem of ventilation.


The fleece of the helmet inner liner is densely covered with breathable holes. The laser perforating process can perform the perforation requirements of the entire liner fleece within a few seconds. The ventilation holes are uniform in size and evenly distributed, providing the best ventilation for motorcycle helmets and electric vehicle helmets, promoting air circulation on the skin surface and speeding up cooling and perspiration.

Laser Machine Recommendation

JMCZJJG(3D)170200LD Galvo & Gantry Laser Engraving Cutting Machine


  • High-speed Galvo laser perforation and Gantry X-Y axis large-format laser cutting without splicing.
  • Precision-grade rack and pinion drive system
  • High quality original CO2 RF laser
  • Laser spot size up to 0.2mm-0.3mm
  • Germany Scanlab 3D dynamic Galvo head, one time scan area up to 450x450mm
  • Conveyor working table with automatic feeder for automatic processing of materials in roll

Laser cutting fabric has high precision, no fringe edge, no burnt edge, so it has both functionality and aesthetics. Whether it is a motorcycle helmet or an electric car helmet, a comfortable and breathable inner lining is an important bonus for the wearing experience. On the premise of not reducing the safety performance of the helmet, laser perforating makes the helmet lining more breathable, making every ride more comfortable and pleasant.

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