CO2 Laser Assists Efficient and Clean Abrasive Sandpaper Cutting

Sandpaper is a common auxiliary material for grinding and processing in daily production and life. It is widely used in many fields such as automobiles, furniture, carpentry, and sheet metal. It is an indispensable processing tool for polishing, cleaning, and repairing the surface of materials.

3M Company is a global leader in abrasive products. Its abrasive products have complex but precise subdivisions based on factors such as the properties of the materials to be processed, processing methods and purposes, and processing efficiency.


3M small household cleaning sandpaper system


3M industrial cleaning and grinding system

Among them, the Clean Sanding System of 3M Company is to connect the sandpaper abrasive disc with the vacuum adsorption system to remove the dust generated in the grinding process through the negative pressure generated by the vacuum adsorption system in time.

This grinding process produces the following advantages:

1) Grinding efficiency is improved by more than 35% compared with traditional methods

2) The service life of sandpaper is 7 times longer than traditional sandpaper

3) The dust generated by the grinding process is effectively adsorbed and removed, without contaminating the workpiece, and causing no adverse scratches on the workpiece, and the subsequent workload (dust collection and re-cleaning) is small

4) The contact area between sandpaper and workpiece will not be blocked by dust, so the consistency of processing is better

5) The processing environment is cleaner, which is beneficial to the operator’s health

So, how does the CO2 laser system relate to cleaning sandpaper / abrasive disc? The knowledge is in the tiny holes in the sandpaper.


Sandpaper/ abrasive disc is generally composed of the backing surface of composite material and the grinding surface composed of hard abrasive. The high-energy laser beam formed by CO2 laser focusing can efficiently cut these two materials without contact. There is no tool wear in laser processing, there is no need to independently produce molds according to the size and hole shape of the processing object, and it does not affect the physical properties of the backing material, and will not cause abrasive peeling off the grinding surface. Laser cutting is an ideal processing method for sandpaper / abrasive disc.


Goldenlaser ZJ(3D)-15050LD laser cutting machine is specially designed for sandpaper / abrasive disc cutting and perforation. In the actual production process, according to the different backing and abrasive properties, and different processing efficiency requirements, 300W ~ 800W CO2 laser with a wavelength of 10.6µm is selected, combined with an efficient array type large-format 3D dynamic focusing galvanometer system , to simultaneous processing of multiple heads, so as to maximize the utilization rate of materials.

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