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Flying Scan Vision Laser Cutting Printed Sublimation Fabrics

Vision Laser Contour Cut   cutting sublimation fabric, printed textile, sportswear, cycling apparel, banners, flags, upholstery, sofa, sport shoes, fashion garment, bags, suitcase, soft toys …

Ø Sublimated Stretch Fabric Vision Laser Cutting Machine Diagram

Sublimated Stretch Fabric Vision Laser Cutting Machine Diagram

Ø Traditional Cutting Method for Printing textile

Printing onto paper1. Printing onto paper

Paper ready for sublimation2. Paper ready for sublimation

Paste paper onto textile3. Paste paper onto textile

Heated pressed and ink transferred4. Heated pressed and ink transferred

Roughly cut by scissor5. Roughly cut by scissor

Cut again before sewing6. Cutting again before sewing

Ø Traditional Cutting VS. Laser Cutting

traditional cutting fraying VS laser cutting edge clean


Ø Why Laser? Laser Cutting Advantages

Nowadays printing technology is widely used in different industry such as banners, flags, sportswear and swimsuit. What is the best solution for cutting printed fabric and textile? Traditional manually cutting or mechanical cutting has many limitations. Laser cutting becomes the most popular solution for contour cut.


Laser cut

Knife/scissor Cut

Cutting edge quality






Material stained

No ,because of contactless


Drag on material

No, because of contactless


Tools needed


Yes, blades consuming

Cutting Speed

High Speed


Ø How Laser Works?

how laser works vision cut1) Printing papers by roll

↓ ↓

2) Transfer paper ink into roll fabrics

↓ ↓

3) Laser cut printing textile by rolls automatically

↓ ↓

4) Collecting fabric pieces

Ø Golden Laser offers a complete laser solution

It is a complete set of automatic processing solutions: By an automatic feeder, high-speed laser cutting machine and automatic extraction of contour software components.

vision laser complete solution

Ø Laser Cutting Process

1. Load printing textile onto machine;           3. Set the cutting parameters; (speed, power and air pressure for good quality)

2. Camera scanning automatically;                 4. Press “start” button on machine. Then the machine will do cutting automatically.

(Usually one person is enough. Actually one person can control two or more machines) Conclusion: For whole production only 1 person, No tool wear.)

vision laser cutting process

Ø The Vision Softwarevision software

1. Automatic feeding, automatic scanning pattern on fabric;

2. Select the background area, automatic extraction of contours;

3. Automatically according to the extracted contours start cutting.


Ø Vision Laser Advantage and processing time

Vision laser cutting advantage and processing time


Ø Vision Laser Contour CUT Applications

vision laser cut sample-cartoon figure

vision laser cut samples-sports wear

vision laser cut samples-banners