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Vision Laser for Digital Printing and Sportswear Garment Factory – GOLDEN LASER Customer Case

In early of May, we came to a digital printing and sportswear garment factory, “A” Company, in Quebec, Canada, which has a history of more than 30 years.

The garment industry is a labor-intensive industry. The nature of its industry makes it quite sensitive to labor costs. This contradiction is particularly prominent in North American companies with high labor costs.

The “A” client’s dream is to use high-tech equipment to maximize the disruption of the labor force’s restrictions on the development of traditional garment companies. Create a modern digital printing shop. Two years ago, a promotional letter gave this customer the opportunity to learn about our VISION LASER – roll-to-roll laser high-speed sublimation fabrics cutting machine. Previously, the client hired six croppers and worked twice a day. Due to the large error in manual cutting, garment pieces often require a second processing, resulting in a high rejection rate.

Quebec Canada-Golden Laser Customer 3        Quebec Canada-Golden Laser Customer 4

While using our VISION LASER, only two shifts during the peak season, and only one manual operation machine is required, greatly saving labor costs.

In a printing shop of nearly 1,000 square meters, 10 printers, a heat transfer machine, and a VISION LASER actually require only 3 operators. The worker responsible for receiving the material is a female worker nearly 50 years old. She speaks only French and has no higher education. I was shocked when she masterfully manipulated our machines, rolled up, received the materials, and occasionally left to help another woman worker operate the thermal transfer machine.

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VISION LASER is on the same line as the Italian high-speed printer worth 500,000 Canadian Dollars. It has performed well for more than two years, with zero failures. I am extremely proud of this.

I remember that when customers met us two years ago, they were so confused and so restrained that they were full of doubts and uncertainties about the products Made in China.

But today, a smile from his heart was written on his face. The customers are proud to tell us that they do not need to do new customer development and product promotion, because this year’s orders are already full.

Technology makes the change happen. In Québec’s high taxation area, many garment companies are unbearably burdened with taxes and high labor costs, even are closed overnight. While company ”A” has inexhaustible orders. Thanks to the management of company “A”, high-tech vision laser cutting machine from GOLDEN LASER was introduced in advance. Wishing “A” company a better tomorrow.