Laser Cutting and Engraving Application for Carpet Mats

Carpet, as one of the world-wide long history artworks, is widely used for houses, hotels, gym, exhibition halls. vehicles, airplane, etc. It has the functions of reducing noise, thermal insulation and decoration.

carpet cutting samples

As we know, conventional carpet processing normally adopts manual cutting, electric shears or die cutting. Manual cutting is low speed, low accuracy and wasting materials. Although electric shears is fast, it has limitations to cut the curve and complex designs. It is also easy to get fraying edges. For die cutting, you have to cut the pattern first, even though it is fast, new molds are required every time you change the pattern, which may cause high developing cost, long period and high maintenance cost.

With the development of carpet industry, the conventional hardly meet customers’ requirements for quality and individuality. Laser technology application successfully solves these problems. Laser adopts non-contact heat processing. Any designs with any sizes can be cut by laser. What’s more, the application of laser has explored new techniques of carpet engraving and carpet mosaic for carpet industry, which has become the mainstream in carpet market and more and more popular with the customers. At present, GOLDENLASER solutions are extensively used for aircraft carpet, doormat carpet, elevator carpet, car mat, wall-to-wall carpet, etc. The materials cavers non-woven, polypropylene fiber, blended fabric, rexine, etc.

Post time: Apr-28-2017

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