Automatic CCD Camera Laser Cutter for Woven Labels in Roll

Automatic CCD Camera Laser Cutter for Woven Labels in Roll

Model No.: ZDJG-3020LD


CCD camera to recognize the cutting shapes.

Suitable for cutting labels in roll of the width within 200mm.

Laser cutting from the roll to pieces.

Conveyor working table with roll feeding device, to achieve automatic continuous processing for roll label cutting or roll material slitting.

Laser power from 65 watts to 150 watts.

Automatic CCD Camera Laser Cutter for Woven Labels in Roll



 Enclosed mechanical design, in accordance with CE standard.

 Combination of mechanical design, safety principles and international quality standard.

• Specifically for continuous automatic processing for roll label cutting or ribbon slitting.

• Visual recognition system, Single-screen field of view large, good recognition effect.

• Continuous automatic recognition cutting and positioning graphics cutting functions optional, according to the processing requirements.

• It overcomes the problems of roll label position deviation and distortion caused by tension of roll feeding and rewinding. It enables roll fabrics feeding, cutting and rewinding at one time, forming complete automatic operation.

automatic laser cutter for label in roll with camera

automatic laser cutting roll label

roll feeding label laser cutting

roll feeding laser cutter for woven label

 How this laser cutter works – Demo Video

Main Technical Parameters

Laser Type CO2 DC glass laser tube
Laser Power 80W / 110W / 130W / 150W
Working Area 300mm×200mm
Working Table Conveyor working table
Motion System Step motor
Cooling System Constant temperature water chiller system
Exhaust System 550W or 1100W Exhaust system
Air Blowing Mini air compressor
Working Accuracy ±0.1mm
Power Supply AC220V±5% 50/60Hz
Graphic Format Supported PLT, DXF, AI, BMP, DST
External Dimensions 1760mm×740mm×1390mm
Net Weight 205KG

CCD Camera Laser Cutter Series

 Automatic CCD Camera Laser Cutting Machine for Label in Roll ZDJG-3020LD

 Smart Vision Laser Cutting Machine (conveyor working table)

Working area 1600mm×1000mm

→ Laser Cutting Machine with CCD Camera (honeycomb working table)

ZDJG-9050TB working area 900mm×500mm (shuttle type)

ZDJG-9050 working area  900mm×500mm

ZDJG-12060 working area 1200mm×600mm

Main Application Industry and Materials

 It is suitable for woven label, embroidery label, Velcro, printed label and more labels in roll.

• It is suitable for apparel labels production.

labels laser cutting samples

What can Golden Laser Cutter offer to our customers?

  • High precision
  • No distortion of fabric, no fraying of fabric
  • No burned edges
  • Automatic and continuous material feeding
  • Optical recognition for printed textiles and labels

We are always bringing you simple, fast, individualized, and cost-effective processing. Just using GOLDEN LASER Systems and enjoying your production.

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