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Laser cutting car dashboard light-proof pads provide protection for your car

According to experiments, when the outside temperature reaches 35°C in summer, the temperature in the enclosed compartment can reach 65°C after 15 minutes of sunlight. After long-term sun exposure and UV radiation, car dashboards are prone to cracks and bulges.


If you go to a 4S shop to repair or replace, the cost is higher. Many people choose to put a light-shielding pad on the dashboard of the car, which not only covers the cracked area, but also prevents continuous damage to the center console caused by sun exposure.


According to the model data of the original car, the 1:1 customized laser cut sun protection mat has smooth lines and fits the curvature, just like the original one. It physically blocks most of the harmful rays, prolongs the service life, and gives your car attentive protection.


The instrument panel is the carrier for installing the instrument panel, air conditioning and audio panels, storage boxes, airbags and other devices. The laser precision cuts the light-proof cushion, and reserves the original car horn, audio, air conditioning outlet and other holes, which will not affect the functional use. Laser cutting makes the mat fit for complex shape of the dashboard perfectly, both A/C vents and sensors will not get covered up.


Many drivers choose laser-cut light-proof mats for another very important reason: safety! The summer sun is dazzling, and the smooth surface of the instrument panel is easy to reflect strong light, causing blurred vision and affecting driving safety.


Laser high-quality cutting, precisely fitted light-proof pads, efficient light-proofing, effective heat insulation and sun protection, solve the hidden safety hazards in driving for you, and escort you when you travel!

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