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Visiting Boeing’s designated suppliers to reveal the application of laser in the aircraft carpet industry

After the SGIA Expo in Las Vegas, our team drove to Florida. In beautiful Florida, there are sun, sand, waves, Disneyland… But there is no Mickey in this place we are going to this time, only serious business. We visited the company Boeing Airlines’ designated supplier M. M is the manufacturer of aircraft carpets designated by major airlines around the world. It has been working with GOLDEN LASER for three years.

Boeing Airlines' designated supplier M

Airlines have many strict requirements for aircraft carpets, such as fire protection, environmental protection, anti-static, wear-resistant, and dirt-resistant, etc. A complete aircraft carpet solution needs to be designed, manufactured, installed and tested for up to 6 months before it can be put into service.


Before using laser cutting machine from GOLDEN LASER, M company has been using CNC knife cutting tools. Knife cutting tools have very big disadvantages in cutting carpets. The cutting edge is very poor, easy to be fraying, and the edge needs to be manually cut later, and then the sewing edge is performed, and the post-processing procedure is complicated.

carpet cutting by knife cutting tools

Therefore, in 2015, M company found GOLDEN LASER after a survey. After repeated communication and investigation, M finally approved the solution of 11-meter customized laser cutting machine given by GOLDEN LASER. At that time, the laser cutting machine with a length of 11 meters was unique in China, but we did it!

11-meter customized laser cutting machine

Laser cutting aircraft carpets have significant advantages, and the main advantages are two points:

First, clean and perfect cutting edge, and the edge is automatically sealed, and the edge will not be worn even if used for a long time.

Second, the laser cut once, the carpet can be used, no follow-up procedures are required, and a lot of labor and time are saved.

aircraft carpets cutting by Golden Laser machine

For the past three years, this laser cutting machine has been used very well at M. When talking to the head of the company’s factory, he told us: “The machine now is working 16 hours a day with two shifts, with zero problem ; at the beginning it has problem but I think it is our own fault because of no maintenance, I will definitely buy from your guys when we move to the new facility .”


Nothing is more convincing than the customer’s voice

GOLDEN LASER has served many world-class companies, and has maintained a friendly partnership up to now. We are willing to maintain the quality of our products, our service attitude beyond our customers’ expectations, and our continuous R&D and innovation capabilities to bring real value to our customers.