High Speed Garment Fabric Laser Cutting Machine

High Speed Garment Fabric Laser Cutting Machine CJGS160300LD

Model No.: JYCCJG160300LD


This laser cutter is especially suitable for fast fashion and customization needs in clothing and textile industry. High-precision laser cutting of single-layer fabrics, processing directly from roll. The software package matching with laser cutting machine is provided to achieve digital and intelligent processing.

High Speed Fabric Laser Cutting Machine

Clothing & Textile industry - small volume and multi-variety processing

Industry demand: suitable for single layer cutting / low consumables / high cutting precision / graphics digitization, easy to manage


• This laser cutting machine delivers fast and extremely accurate processing thanks to its high-quality components.  Very dependable and maintenance free.

High precision grade gear and rack drive. Speed up to 1,200mm/s, acceleration of 8,000mm/s2 cutting efficiency, and can maintain long-term stability.

Japanese Yaskawa servo motor - ensure maximum precision, reliability, and performance. 

• This laser machine comes with conveyor system. The machine feeds the material automatically in a continuous cycle in synchronism with the conveyor bed eliminating downtime completely to achieve the maximum productivity possible.

In addition, the vacuum conveyor worktable has the function of negative pressure adsorption to ensure the flatness of the fabric during laser cutting.

 Automatic feeder with deviation correction function (optional) to ensure accurate feeding.


 The unique manual and automatic interactive nesting software function can improve the fabric utilization to the extreme, and has the functions of pattern making, photo digitizer and grading, which is convenient and practical.

 Along with the exhaust system, the laser head and the exhaust system synchronize; good exhaust effect, to ensure that dust dose not pollute the materials.

 It is possible to completely entire format cutting of the extra-long layout with a single layout length that exceeds the cut format.

 The laser cutting system is modular in design. According to customer's processing needs, it can be equipped with plaids & stripes matching, large area optional recognition system, projection system, automatic marker making functions, etc. Convenient for customer business expansion and upgrading.

Laser Cut Processing Workflow

How Co2 laser cutting machine for fabrics processing works

What options do we offer you?

Optional extras simplify the processing production and increase the possibilities

1. Automatic Feeder

The auto-feeder allows the installation of a roll of fabric and continually delivers materials into the laser cutter. Its deviation correction function ensures accurate feeding of the material.

2. Safety Protective Cover (Enclosed Doors) 

Making the processing safer and reducing fume and dust that may be generated during processing.

3. CCD Camera

The camera positioning extracts a contour of the patterns, then the software will help to search the same pattern automatically, then laser do the cutting accordingly, very efficient.

4. Laser Beam Tracing System - Red Dot Point

The red dot pointer helps as a reference to check where the laser beam will land on to your material by tracing a simulation of your design without activating the laser. As well as your starting point.

5. Marking Systems - Ink Jet Printer / Ink Marker Module

Drawing graphics and labels on your material. Precise printing of numbers, logos and barcodes.

6. Galvo Scan Head

For laser engraving and perforation with unmatched flexibility, speed and accuracy

7. Fume Extraction System

An exhaust system and flexible ventilation duct tubing to be installed to extract the fumes and gases released in the laser cutting or engraving process.

8. Automatic sorting system

Increased level of automation during the unloading and sorting process also accelerates your subsequent manufacturing processes.

The benefits of fabrics cutting with laser systems by goldenlaser

Clean cutting edges - Lint-free cuts

Clean edges - Lint-free cuts

The laser automatic seals the cutting edges and thus, prevents fraying. Compared to mechanical cutting, laser cutting saves many working steps in further processing.

continuous laser fabric cutting from roll

Continuous cutting from roll

Laser cutting textiles and fabrics directly from the roll thanks to the conveyor system and automatic feeder. Capable of ultra-long format processing.

designs on delicate fabrics

Laser cutting of extremely fine details

Laser is ideally suitable for cutting absolutely incredibly complicated internal shapes and designs, even cut extremely small holes (laser perforation).

Contactless laser processing - No fabric distortion

No tool wear - Consistently high cutting quality

High precision and accuracy repeatability

Simple production via a PC design program

High flexibility in cutting sizes and shapes - without tool preparation or tool changes

One of GOLDEN LASER's typical customers on-site

GOLDENLASER has powerful customization capabilities. Through the modular design of our laser systems, we can customize the equipment exactly to the needs of your application. The laser machine we produce is specially configured to meet your requirements, and is designed to meet your needs in future use.

Technical Parameter

Laser type CO2 laser
Laser power 150w, 300w, 600w, 800w
Working area (W × L) 1600mm×3000mm (63”×118”)
Max. material width 1600mm (63”)
Working table Vacuum conveyor working table
Cutting speed 0 ~ 1200mm/s
Acceleration 8000mm/s2
Repositioning accuracy ≤0.05mm
Motion system Servo motor, Gear and rack driven
Power supply AC220V±5% 50/60Hz
Graphics format supported PLT, DXF, AI, DST, BMP

 Working areas can be customized as per requirement.


Model No.: JMC160200LD / JMC160300LD / JMC230230LD / JMC250300LD / JMC300300LD / JMC350400LD … …

Cutting area: 1600mm×2000mm (63″×79″), 1600mm×3000mm (63″×118″), 2300mm×2300mm (90.5″×90.5″), 2500mm×3000mm (98.4″×118″), 3000mm×3000mm (118″×118″), 3500mm×4000mm (137.7″×157.4″)

Working Areas

***The cutting area can be customized according to different applications.***


Polyester (PES), viscose, cotton, nylon, nonwoven and woven fabrics, synthetic fibers, polypropylene (PP), knitted fabrics, felts, polyamide (PA), glass fiber (or glass fibre, fiberglass, fibreglass), Kevlar, aramid, polyester PET, PTFE, paper, foam, cotton, plastic, etc.


1. Clothing Textiles: fabrics and technical textiles for clothing applications.

2. Home Textiles: carpets, mattress, sofas, curtains, cushion materials, pillows, floor and wall coverings, textile wallpaper, etc. 3. Industrial Textiles: filtration, air dispersion ducts, etc.

4. Textiles used in automotive and aerospace: aircraft carpets, cat mats, seat covers, seat belts, airbags, etc.

5. Outdoors and Sports textiles: sports equipment, flying and sailing sports, canvas covers, marquee tents, parachutes, paragliding, kitesurf, boats (inflatable), air balloons, etc.

6. Protective textiles: insulation materials, bulletproof vests, etc.

Textiles Laser Cutting Samples laser cutting textiles-sample laser cutting textiles-sample laser cutting textiles

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